Saturday, January 14, 2017

Back to school.

Last Wednesday was my first day back to school for 2017.
It was great? Considering that I had a nice one week new year/xmas break to refresh my brain and system so yeah, it felt great to be back in school.

I think I look good in this picture I posted it everywhere 😋

Looking back at the unfiltered uneditted picture, my skin does look better now eh?
I am still struggling with my super sensitive skin but right now, I am really particular with my diet and environment (no smoking near me please!) so everything is under control.
Lets hope I don't jinx it lah 🙁
I have come to term that I would never have a flawless skin and this is the best that it could ever get so yeay us especially my mom and my aunts (it takes a team to get me to this point, I kid you not) 👏👏👏

On the way home from class, I realised that the sun was finally out from hiding and the ground was not slippery so I decided to bundle up and go for a little run in Vorobyovy Gory.

I finally got my first run of the year and it felt amazing and so so refreshing.
Call me crazy but running is one of my ways to unwind and relax my mind, going back to school after a pretty long break made me anxious so I needed that run. ☺

Second day back to school was horrible, I was asked to leave the lecture because according to my lecturer, I was "talking non-stop for an hour" wtf so I left and didn't go for the class afterwards (we have classes after lectures) .
I have to attend extra class for that missed class and I may be in for a big trouble but going home and straight away crashed dead on my bed for a solid 10 hours made me feel much much better so it was cool.
I think... 
I will cross the bridge once I get there 😑