Monday, January 9, 2017

Random act of kindness.

The temperature dropped drastically over the weekend (it went as low as -35°C) so we decided to just stay in and assuming that everyone is thinking of the same thing, we thought today is the perfect day to finnnnallllyyyyy give our neighbours the boxes of chocolate we bought for them as new year/xmas gifts.

We are not close to any of our neighbours but we do know two of them.
One is a grandma who used to live with her paralysed (how we found out about this is a long story) husband until he passed away about a couple of months ago. We are assuming she is living alone now we never her anyone else visiting her and we always see her going in and out on her own. And she reminds us of our grandmothers because she fusses over us whenever she sees us.👵

The second one is a family who moved to Moscow because their sons are attending med school in the city. Not the same one like us but the mother is so proud and happy once she found out that we are in med school too. The mother reminds us of our mother, we always see her cleaning the corridor area and she refuses our offers to help her so yeah.

We are not close to the third one so whatever.

Anyway, we gave the chocolates they were happy, they said thank you etc so we thought the story ends there.
BUT GUESS WHAT, about an hour later, the grandma rang our doorbell and brought us a freshly baked cake! 😢

Like the cake was still hot! She did cry a little when we gave her the chocolates and she told us she feels bad she didn't have anything to give to us but we told her it is okay.
Oh bless her soul.

The cake really made our night. I guess we made her day too hence why she baked us the cake.
She didn't have to do that but she did and we were caught off guard.
We honestly were not expecting that.

It feels really good to be good to people, eh? My heart swells with happiness. 💖