Friday, October 16, 2015

Chasing the sun in the middle of Autumn.

Current temperature in Moscow is 2°C.

The weather is actually nice... Breezy and cold but oh good God I am missing the sun!
I am the kind of person who can get super duper high just being outside with the fresh air and sun.
Those who are close to me know that I need to have my walks or else I would get annoyingly cranky and its in the middle of Autumn now so the sun sets earlier which is sad because by the time I leave the hospital, it's already past that best sunny part of the day.

The view from my room in Summer. Going to miss this lush green view soon.

I am not sure if I am a morning person or not but getting to see the shy rays of sun peeking through the sky high buildings early in the morning and later in the evening gives me the same kind of high so the traveling to and fro home and the hospitals is actually something that I look forward to everyday, :) 
We gotta make the best out of every situations, right?

Have a lovely day (and weekend) everyone, I hope you are having more sun than me and if you do, please think of me :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Inside the Saint Basil's Cathedral.

My sister and I didn't fly home for Summer break so we spent the days by going to the museums, parks, veranda cafes and countless festivals because Summer in Moscow is all about that. Really.

So anyway, we started our Summer by going inside the Saint Basil's Cathedral since Moscow is well known for this candy coloured one of a kind landmark.
Yes, after 6 years of living in this city, this was my first time going into the cathedral.
Better late than never right? Heheee.

It is more beautiful in the inside than it is from the outside, the details are so intricate and full of story and knowing me, I love stories!
Visitors are allowed to take photos BUT without the flash on so I didn't bother to take a lot of photos since this place is dimly light and  honestly, I was too overwhelmed by the fact that I get to be inside this majestic place.
Google has the photos here

And don't forget to look up.
So amazing, right?

Lady luck must be on my side that day because I got to see this too...

*Goose bumps*

We spent more than an hour here just walking around inspecting the details in every single thing (even the paintwork is interesting I kid you not), this place looks small from the outside but do you know that it has spiral staircases going to the top floors? 

They have benches on the top balcony/veranda so you could sit and enjoy the wind and view so I took my time and said my prayers (God is one and He is everywhere anyway) and left the building feeling satisfied and humbled by the experience.

Photos and words wont do this place justice so I strongly recommend anyone who has the chance to go and experience how magical and majestic this place him/herself, tickets are not expensive at all! 
I got mine at student price and it was around 150rubles. 


On a more recent update, I am considering jiu jitsu.
Gotta build my strength and stamina.
I am all flabby and meh nowadays :(

Monday, June 1, 2015


It has been more than a year since I last updated my blog and I have so many stories to be shared here.
I was caught up with life which by the way, has been one hell of a roller coaster ride (nothing new hehe) and today, I am feeling a little blue so I decided to write something here.

Yes I am back in Moscow since last August, survived three seasons and transitioning into the fourth one now.
I love the weather but the pollen? Not so much.
But I can't get free apples from the random roadside trees without the pollen right?
I need to apply this concept in living my life too because as much as life has been way better than how it was a year ago, we are still going through a very tough and challenging period and I keep on reminding myself that this too, shall pass and everything is going to be okay soon.

And did I tell you that I met a young man and fell madly deeply crazily in love?
I will write more about that but definitely not now because that story deserves its own post.

Till then, love love!

Monday, April 21, 2014


How does it feel to live the same kind of life that you used to talk & think bad about?

How does it feel to finally realised that all the things that you have been warned about and you decided to take it lightly are happening to you right now?

Time is one of the best teachers and together with patience and strong heart, they can be the best remedies ever.

Things happen for a reason, if they are not happening to you (yet), please remember to not look down on people and belittle them.
You could be the next one on the line.

Don't be too fast on judging people and talk about them out loud without knowing the real circumstances and situations, there are more stories than the ones written and talked about.

Enjoy the feeling!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I have nothing nice to say, so I am not going to say anything at all.

In most cases, with age comes maturity.
With maturity comes wisdom and responsibility.

And being the eldest child and sort of the head of the family as in right now, it is my responsibility to just keep everything hush hush among ourselves who are here and living, and just emotionally flow from one stage of grief to the the next with calm and patience.

Time has this wonderful way of showing us everything that really matters- the truth, the blessing in disguise... The silver lining.

I can't believe I am writing this but man, I am really glad that I left Moscow because sooner or later, even if I fought back, paid and stayed, I won't be able to stay there for longer time too.

Just thinking about it makes me sad and angry and I have a feeling that I am getting closer to the not so nice bits so I better stop writing for now but really, I am just glad that I am home.

Every now and then, we have to sacrifice something in order for us to move ahead, for our own good.
And leave the rest for Him to handle in His own timing.

I just hope that those who are not related to us and are not living it, to just give us privacy and just mind your own business for I am just too tired to handle more shit.

I will write about happy things once I have nice thoughts and good rest.
Till then, love love!